10 ways your family can protect the environment

While it may seem too hectic to run a household and help the environment at the same time, there are simple, easy alternatives to incorporate environmentally friendly habits into your everyday routine.

8 money saving hacks

It’s never a bad idea to save some money here and there when you can, especially if you haven’t yet mastered the art of budgeting. Lucky for you, there are plenty of money saving tricks that can help you save some extra bucks each month to put towards something you really want – vacation anyone?

Test & keep a new iPhone 8

Would you like a free iPhone 8 from Apple? Sign up with for your chance to test and keep the world’s most popular smartphone!

Lucky Number Generator

Quick question — Why are you choosing the same lucky numbers each week? Chances are you haven’t won the big jackpot so far…so why not mix things up? We found a cool site that automatically generates new lottery numbers for you, tailored to your favorite game.

Life Insurance Calculator

Ask someone what they have planned for the weekend, guaranteed they won’t say, “researching a life insurance policy.” But ask a friend about chores they keep putting off…and life insurance is bound to come up. So let’s make this easy – we’ve already done the research for you.

3 weeknight recipe lifesavers

Getting dinner on the table after work can be a terrible chore. Throw in picky eaters (aka your dear children), and it’s a recipe for a stressful evening. We want to help you get a quick, delicious, healthy dinner on the table. Try these weeknight warriors and your family will lick their plates clean!