10 fun ideas to keep the kids busy this weekend


We’ve put together some activities to keep the kids busy, along with some fun family bonding suggestions for when you want to get in on the action as well!

All parents know that the effort it takes to keep kids entertained can be exhausting. While weekends give the kids a break from school, if you’re a working parent, it’s your time to relax from a hectic week as well. Also there may be household tasks you’d like to complete while keeping the little ones preoccupied. Check out our top 10 ideas below.

Outdoor activities — get the kids to burn off some energy out of the house
1. Strawberry Picking
May brings warmer weather, and also about strawberry season! Take the whole family to a farm one weekend and pick some delicious strawberries together. Not only will the kids be able to run around and tire out, you all can enjoy some fresh air. Afterwards, try going home and making a healthy, yummy dessert with your berries that you all can enjoy after dinner.

2. Obstacle course
If you’re looking for an inexpensive activity that will keep the kids engaged while you pick up around the house, building an obstacle course for them in your own backyard can be a great way to get their imagination and their feet running. Use objects from around your house (pool noodles, Hula hoops, sheets) to create the ultimate challenge for your young ones.

3. Local nature walk
Get in the car and drive the whole family to a local park or nature reservation. Not only can you all get some exercise, it’s the perfect way to soak up some Vitamin D and clear your mind. Pack a blanket to rest on and some snacks in case hunger strikes!

4. Treasure hunt
Creating a treasure hunt in your own backyard or local park is sure to be a favorite. Assess the location you wish to have it in and decide what type of treasures could be best hidden. Keep the clues simple, and let one lead to the next – it will keep the kids guessing and interested, especially if a reward is involved. To make the hunt even more exciting, try adding a theme to it – pirates, fairies – whatever the case, have fun with it!

Rainy day/Inside activities — good back-up plans, or things for the kids to do while you’re busy in the next room
5. Amazon Prime Instant Video 30 Day Free Trial
Sometimes your kids (or you) just need a break. Amazon runs a great promotion to try their movie and TV streaming service for free for 30 days. There are plenty of family friendly titles to choose from, including The Spongebob Movie and Maya the Bee.

6. Dig it up! Dinosaur eggs
Let your kids play as paleontologists! Using a chisel tool, kids can dig their way through an egg to a unique dinosaur toy inside. The set includes 12 eggs and 12 chiseling tools, so this either can be a fun group activity with friends or something for your kid to enjoy individually.

7. Library
You can always plop your kids down in front of the TV, or hand them your iPad to play games on, but nothing beats seeing your kids get lost in reading a book. Not only is this an educational way to expand your kid’s mind, it’s a pastime you both can enjoy. Try heading to the library on a Saturday morning, and then spending the afternoon sitting together and enjoying an entertaining book. Add some hot cocoa to the mix and you’ve got yourself a relaxing day.

8. Crafting
Most kids love getting their hands dirty – especially when it comes to paint and crafts. Spend your afternoons on the weekend indoors getting creative with your kids. Paint piggy banks, make slime, or go classic with houses made from popsicle sticks and glue. Provide some feathers, glitter, and colorful construction paper and see what your little ones come up with – just make sure to lay out newspaper first for easy clean-up!

9. Game night
If your kids are a little bit older, breaking out the board games can be an amusing time for the whole family. You can also keep it simple – playing with a deck of cards is a great way to start with some classic games, like Go Fish. Set out some snacks with a few game options and see where the night takes you!

10. Baking or cooking
Teaching your kids to cook or bake can be a valuable lesson – measurements are an easy way to incorporate math, and it’s never too early to show your children how to make a meal. Try personal pizzas, or decorating cupcakes – not only will your kids learn how the kitchen works, they can get creative as well.

What’s your family’s favorite weekend pastime? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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