Test & keep a new iPhone 8


Would you like a free iPhone 8 from Apple? Sign up with Product Testing USA for your chance to test and keep the world’s most popular smartphone!

Product Testing USA is a website where you can register to review top products and services. Businesses and consumers rely on their reviews to evaluate the most popular products, restaurants, and stores.

And they want to hear from you! Product Testing USA is currently looking for people to review and keep the brand new iPhone 8. For your chance to test and keep this product, join Product Testing USA today.

How does it work?

1. Apply to test: Enter your details on the Product Testing USA.

2. Complete Survey: Work your way through the offers survey. You must complete the survey in full to complete your registration.

3. Receive Free Product: If selected as a reviewer, Product Testing USA will confirm via email. You’ll then be sent your iPhone 8 to keep for free!

It’s that simple! Register here and if you are selected, you will be sent a free iPhone 8 to review and keep. Also, check out their site for their whole range of Reviewer Opportunities, including Mystery Shopping at Walmart, Secret Dining at Olive Garden, and testing other products like Dyson vacuums and Microsoft tablets!

21 thoughts on “Test & keep a new iPhone 8

  1. Leah

    My address is 108 eastern way Elmswell Suffolk bury St Edmund’s

  2. ndafelao

    I love iPhone so much I have poster of iPhone clothes writer iPhone I would love to have a phone but here in our country is so expensive so I found you guy so please give me a iPhone please

  3. Kathy

    I need an iPhone for school college and all these struggling. I am broke and I need one

  4. Reamohetse

    I’d really love to own the latest iPhone and I’ve never owned one but I know how to operate it because my friends all have.

  5. Mark Isidore Amatiaga

    i badly need a phone because i lost my phone earlier this moth because a thief robbed me. And i need a phone for I rely most of my studies in it and all of the important academics stuff are put in it thats why i badly need to win and to be chosen as a winner cause it will really change my life in the best way. Another reason would be, If ever i would win I will use the phone to continue my youtube vlog for i am an influencer in instagram and I swear if i win. I would feature everything that happened to me in all of my social media accounts. huhu THANK YOU DO MUCH and please pick me.


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