Test & keep a new iPhone 8


Would you like a free iPhone 8 from Apple? Sign up with Product Testing USA for your chance to test and keep the world’s most popular smartphone!

Product Testing USA is a website where you can register to review top products and services. Businesses and consumers rely on their reviews to evaluate the most popular products, restaurants, and stores.

And they want to hear from you! Product Testing USA is currently looking for people to review and keep the brand new iPhone 8. For your chance to test and keep this product, join Product Testing USA today.

How does it work?

1. Apply to test: Enter your details on the Product Testing USA.

2. Complete Survey: Work your way through the offers survey. You must complete the survey in full to complete your registration.

3. Receive Free Product: If selected as a reviewer, Product Testing USA will confirm via email. You’ll then be sent your iPhone 8 to keep for free!

It’s that simple! Register here and if you are selected, you will be sent a free iPhone 8 to review and keep. Also, check out their site for their whole range of Reviewer Opportunities, including Mystery Shopping at Walmart, Secret Dining at Olive Garden, and testing other products like Dyson vacuums and Microsoft tablets!

188 thoughts on “Test & keep a new iPhone 8

  1. Leah

    My address is 108 eastern way Elmswell Suffolk bury St Edmund’s

      1. Diamonique

        Yes i really want one my mom want get me one
        And if i am able to test one i will want the 8

  2. ndafelao

    I love iPhone so much I have poster of iPhone clothes writer iPhone I would love to have a phone but here in our country is so expensive so I found you guy so please give me a iPhone please

  3. Kathy

    I need an iPhone for school college and all these struggling. I am broke and I need one

  4. Reamohetse

    I’d really love to own the latest iPhone and I’ve never owned one but I know how to operate it because my friends all have.

  5. Mark Isidore Amatiaga

    i badly need a phone because i lost my phone earlier this moth because a thief robbed me. And i need a phone for I rely most of my studies in it and all of the important academics stuff are put in it thats why i badly need to win and to be chosen as a winner cause it will really change my life in the best way. Another reason would be, If ever i would win I will use the phone to continue my youtube vlog for i am an influencer in instagram and I swear if i win. I would feature everything that happened to me in all of my social media accounts. huhu THANK YOU DO MUCH and please pick me.

  6. Heleen Hansberg

    I have had the Same phone for 3 years and i’d really like to test this out. I’ve never had iPhone too.

  7. Comfort Emmanuel

    I would really love it if i could own an iphone, because iphone are really cool

  8. Reem Rahmaoui

    I never had an iPhone before and I can’t buy it specially iPhone 8

  9. Farhan Attar

    I would really love it if i could own an iphone, because iphone are really coolI love iPhone so much I have poster of iPhone clothes writer iPhone I would love to have a phone but here in our country is so expensive so I found you guy so please give me a iPhone please sir select me this is my humble request please

  10. Sandy

    Will I can’t wait because I am homeless and I need a phone please let me test and keep

  11. Jaydee

    I have never had a phone before and I really need and want one if I won this is would be very great full and I would stay loyal to Apple thank you for this chance

  12. Arianne

    I wish I’ll be chosen. I would love to try Iphone. people say its the best and i wanted it so bad. It’ll be great for me as a student and i dont own any phone right now. I love apple products eversince. Wish you’ll pick me

  13. Sweetie perfect

    I would love to have some. I want to order for my friends.Please choose me ,I am almost over age for this and doesn’t have a phone.Gimme this: 2 dark grey iPhone 8 plus 5 rose gold iPhone 8 plus. 3gold iPhone 8 plus.
    Please give me . I cry every time because I don’t have money to buy.If you will help me , I might support you and your company please just give me . I beg you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is true

  14. Sweetie perfect

    I will test it only.I promise.Pls give to everyone here. Honestly,if you give me ,you wipe off my stress and tears 😭

  15. Jessina Marie

    iphone is not in my status to buy…it was my dream to acquire this .and i think it will remain as a dream😔
    But you can realise my wish…am really hoping to win the #Iphone😔👏

  16. Chris

    I would love to test out a new project this phone is the best on the market

  17. Taroon

    I seriously need a iPhone becuz I am pppr can’t afford to buy tht so I need that iPhone I request you can I get one please

  18. Chelsea Humphreys

    im from belize attending edward p yorke and would really appreciate this phone.as it can help with assessments i struggle in and to research..however the main pupuse is because my separated parents cant afford it.it will also be use tocmplete sba for csec.if you do cmply and email me..pleases call 666-9099

  19. vimala

    Please i want iPhone8 please free iPhone please members please iPhone brought iPhone please

  20. Akisha Peters

    I really would like to test the iphone 8 or 8 plus for my youtube channel. I would like to test the spacegray color. Can I get one for testing. Please & Thank you.

  21. Rajashekar

    Hello Apple
    I am a software tester.i would like a iPhone X in India.a test the mobile and I am review to my you tube channel.can I get iPhone x for testing.
    Please&thank you apple🙂.

  22. Shreyansh prajapati

    Hello apple, I am YouTube, and am very interested in testing iPhone is on my YouTube channel. So please review my request, a fan from india

  23. Subhas Chakraborty

    Hello apple ,
    I will be thankful if you kindly give me
    a free iPhone x to review my You Tube Channel.

  24. Jeena vipin

    I would like to have an iPhone. I never used it. I didn’t get a chance to have it in my hand. Please I really want it

  25. A.Abubakkkarsiddic

    I want to test a product
    I am in india tamil nadu
    In india the no one test a i phone 8
    I need to test it

  26. A.Abubakkkarsiddic

    I want to test a product
    I am in india tamil nadu
    In india the no one test a i phone x and i phone 8 plus
    I need to test it
    I want to put the test video in youtude channel
    So please send me please i need to test

  27. Stephaine

    I want a iPhone because its my birthday and im a famous YouTuber and I review the different types of iphones every week and I want to test the iphone 8 so yeah please send me the iPhone on Saturday march

  28. Stephaine

    Thank you please please please ill send you like 1000 dollars because im a YouTuber and im friend with Sophia grace

  29. Alinawaz husain

    I want to test it and keep because i love apple products but i have an uncefficiant money to buy it….

    Plz give me this for free

  30. Sarbojeet De

    Hello ,
    I am a software tester , Iphone x is newly launched so i want to test it and give a report in my youtube channel
    Please Send me a free sample of Iphone x for testing purposes!!

  31. sarah

    my biggest dream to get one of these for my daughter she Is in hospital she is wishing for an iphone 8 plus but I can’t afford it it would be sooo amazing if we got it😯😢!!!?

  32. king queen boridas

    Its my dream came true if i get this free iphone because its my wish when my birthday comes actually may 20 is my birthday and i dont have any phone to use 🙁 i hope ill get an iphone for free. because we dont have enough money to buy gadgets

  33. shashank salian

    hello apple
    sir you launched iphone 8plus in India successfully.And samsung sucks to use any more.And i want a iphone 8plus to review in my YouTube channel,so please send or grant me a iPhone 8plus

  34. samson akintumile

    My iphone 5s was stolen and this is a great opportunity to test and keep it……looking for ward to having another apple product aside from my mini ipad.

  35. ronnie

    i really want a phone everyone at my school has one but me litrally and im im high school i whould love to test the iphone 8S plus

    thanks love

  36. Kei2

    I desperately need a phone can’t afford to buy one I really wouldn’t mind testing any phone right now please bless me my brother wants his phone back and I want my life back HELP PLEASE😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

  37. Siddharth

    I want to test the phone so that I could understand its features. I can feel and enhance the phone. So,please send me a phone to test.


  38. Mamta Kumari

    I would love be be a tester of an iphone which worlds best phones.

  39. Mahendra Rajpurohit

    I am a software tester and want an iphone to test

  40. Catherine Denosta

    I really need the iPhone 8 plus for my sister…..

  41. Nikhil Mirajkar

    Belonging to a poor family is the saddest. I’ve been always using the small phones and to be particular, i really love the iphone 8. Would love to see getting one!

  42. tauhierah abrahams

    i never had one infact i never had any phone and i really wanna try this out

  43. Jericho Silverio

    Hi I want to have a free iphone because that will help a lot for studying and for my education please give me a change to win this iphone because that I help me super a lot that is my dream to have a iphone I want to buy a iphone I don’t even have a money to buy please let me win and test this iphone for helping me study and for my education that I need please let test this beautiful iphone for my education while I need to contact my mother out of our country here in Philippines please help me and test this product for my education and find my dad who’s missing around if are country please help test this iphone for free this will help me a lot thank you……….:):):):)

  44. Ratidzo

    I can’t wait I love this my friend told me but I thought it was just a scam

  45. harshal parate

    i am a software testing man so i want a iphone to test it

  46. Manish jangid

    I want a I phone 7 for testing and make a video and upload to youtube

  47. Manish jangid

    I want I phone 8 plus for testing and then I will make a video of the features of I phone x

  48. Yougssh Sai

    I want to test iPhone x and keep it pls arrange me one

  49. freddy fortune

    Hi team can you please send me an iphone 8 plus to test

  50. Guntru Subrahmanyam

    The most papular i phone ,sir please come to me!!!!”

  51. Ayush singh

    I am a youtuber and I want a free iPhone 8 plus for testing

  52. Ayush singh

    I am a youtuber and I
    want a free iPhone 8 plus for testing

  53. Kishan kumawat

    I want test I phone 8 this is nice phone I like this phone 😄😄😄

  54. Rai Mukherjee

    I really need a phone for my school work please give me a iPhone . Its my humble request. Thank you.

  55. Rai Mukherjee

    I really want and need a iPhone otherwise I’ll be very sad this Sunday because this Sunday is my birthdays and my family will do nothing so please. Thank you .

  56. Kainat khan

    Hey it’s me kainat 18 years old i’ve heard so much about the i phone 8 plus and about it’s features which makes me so excited about the i phone 8 plus i really want to try it but it’s really expensive in my country i will love to test it and so that i can recommend my friends to use it …thank you so much i will wait for your reply🙂

  57. Sudhir singh

    I am a youtuber and I want a iPhone 8 plus to testing and review in YouTube can you give me a free iPhone

  58. Lilitha Titi

    I really hope I win this IPhone 8. It’s for my mum and she has done a lot for me so I wanted to win something for her. I really hope I win. I’m pretty desperate. My mother likes taking pics and an IPhone ha’s the best camera in the world.

  59. Tarun katta

    I want iPhone for camparing with vivo
    I live in India mumbai

  60. Paula Haigh

    Mine and my autistic daughter’s I phones were stolen from us when 3 men broke into our home back in march this year and I would like for her to have a replacement iPhone as she relied on her iPhone every day.

  61. Habinshuti nafutali

    Give me iphone iam from uganda kampala +256781999221

  62. Apoorv Gupta

    Hello apple
    Give me i phone x i want free iPhone x please give me apple i phone x
    Thank you

  63. Vinayak jain

    Hello sir
    I want to start my chanal on YouTube. So i want iPhone 8 so that i can also mention that this video is sponsored by the loop7 .

  64. Dhruvpatel Patel

    Hii I’m a software engineer and I have got the iPhone for testing

  65. Dejan Milic

    I’m small youtuber and I would like to get free phone for review in one of my videos

  66. Muhammad musthak

    iam starting a new channel in youtube.
    i hope this phone will be my first review video.

  67. Yuvraj

    I want to try it because I have Never used any apple product till so it’s my first time I am reviewing it on youtube. And almost exited to use APPLE for the first time. I hope it will not dissapoint me.

  68. Sumaiya Ansari

    I always wanted an I phone n I don’t have enough money to buy it so here I saw an apportunity to get an iPhone for free
    I wish I get it
    I would b very thankful to this site

  69. Harsh Pal

    Dear sir/mada’am . It will be a great ful chance for me to test a new powerful iphone 8 . I review it and upload it on youtube. It will help in raising the production your iphone. . There are many friends of me in other country i will inform them and they also advertise for your product. Please sent a product for me then i review and advertising it.

  70. Liam Astert

    i want the iphone 8 to test its durability and post on youtube as so many say to me to test it so i need the phone

  71. Bilal Khan

    I have a you tube channel so
    I want free I phone 8 sample to
    Uploaded information apple
    iPhone 8 .

  72. Astride

    Pls can u let me test and keep an iPhone I’m begging u. I really need an iPhone I’m broke send can’t afford one and my mom won’t let me get a job to buy one, she’s selfish and mean. Pls I’m begging u.

  73. Moumita Majumder

    I want iphone xs max for testing.. Plzzzz send me a sample

  74. sohail

    and my mobile no. is 9761141880
    Sir. I love i phone 8plus sir i am big fan of apple product and i want it.
    Yours Faithfully

  75. Shailendra sinh zala

    I want a iPhone 8 plus for testing and to keep it. And sir please give me a chance and I will give the best review.

  76. Shantel Mitchell

    I would like to do this test because apple seems good and all my lig I’ve had Samsung

  77. Chantal sharangabo

    I really want to test& keep the iPhone x So plzz send me a sample sir

  78. Najma begum

    Hello,apple I have a YouTube channel so i need a free iphone x sample for my channel for review. Thanks

  79. Vikram adhagale

    In our area peoples are don’t no about apple or apple products and in our area peoples are very rich and they can pay the cost of apple products
    So I have a YouTube channel and I completed 2molillion subscribers and I want to give information about apple to peoples if you send me some apple products then i can unbox it and publish them for profit of company and my also….
    Thank you……..

  80. Nagaraj

    Hello apple
    I want a iphone XR to review you and want to publish your phone advantages in my social media.


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