How Your Starsign Can Get Fit

May 15, 2017

Some people relish exercise and spring out of bed for a quick fifty pushups before breakfast, as others snuggle back under the covers. How you get fit, exercise, and build a strong body is related to your zodiac sign.

Aries is the sign that needs to break a sweat every day. Rams should do aerobics, rollerblade, join a step class, or start kickboxing – get hot, active, and compete. Afterwards you can linger in the steam room. Ultimate Aries is muscular and taut.

Taurus can benefit from stationary rowing or cycling. On a bike you have the benefit of a drink or snack to hand. As you cycle, choose to stay close to home or escape to the countryside for a long cool ride. Ultimate Taurus is steadfast and firm.

Gemini may spend more time talking about getting fit than actually doing anything. It is ideal to find an exercise buddy or someone to chat with as you walk or run yourself to fitness. Tennis is a good activity for twins. Ultimate Gemini is supple and strong.

Cancer is better off working out in a basement gym or incorporating other home related activities like gardening or running after an active family. Crabs could take the stairs and stay off the couch. Ultimate Cancer pushes through their comfort zone.

Leo will have to get their heart rate up to build vitality in their body. This can be challenging in itself but is the best way. Any type of exercise or sport could appeal to Leos. Ultimate Leo is outdoors and exercises in the sunshine.

Virgo can incorporate a daily exercise ritual into their life very easily. Do stretches, moves, and curls which build in small increments to grow your strength. Ultimate Virgo works a routine that supports wellbeing.

Libra is a sign that can work out better with a partner. Poise gained through gymnastics and yoga may appeal and the grace of ice skating or dancing will be good options. Ultimate Libra has a balanced approach to fitness.

Scorpio benefits from physical control. You will enjoy the movements in a karate workout or tai chi. For scorpions, the mental concentration will be as much a part of getting fit as the physical one. Ultimate Scorpio will hold a still pose for hours.

Sagittarius is the runner of the zodiac. You can start on the treadmill then progress to walking outdoors and hiking down trails in the big outdoors. Horse riding and skiing are great for archers. Ultimate Sagittarius can do triathlons with ease.

Capricorn will achieve health with weights. Slow and measured movements under controlled limits will build you body. For hard muscles, sea goats can continue to move gradually up the levels with repetitions and weights. Ultimate Capricorn will climb their own Everest.

Aquarius thrive at getting fit in a multi-user setting. You can use a step class or group spinning session to build your body. Team sports like basketball will be attractive. Surfing is a good exercise for water bearers as it demands core strength. Ultimate Aquarius is lean and toned.

Pisces is the classic water baby, naturally inclined to swim and enjoy aqua aerobics or snorkeling. In the pool Pisces can be alone and let their imagination flow freely. Even the shower is revitalizing for fish. Ultimate Pisces is trim, cool, and flexible.

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