8 money saving hacks


It’s never a bad idea to save some money here and there when you can, especially if you haven’t yet mastered the art of budgeting. Lucky for you, there are plenty of money saving tricks that can help you save some extra bucks each month to put towards something you really want – vacation anyone? Here are 8 hacks to help maximize your money.

Use a clothesline or drying rack
Opt for drying your clothes on a clothesline or drying rack every time you do a load of wash instead of tossing them into the electric dryer. According to the Huffington Post, you can save up to $200 each year, and your clothes will preserve their good condition for longer. It may seem old fashioned, but it can be a simple way to cut back on the large electric bills each month.

Start an eco-friendly garden
Ditch the expensive lawn upkeep and switch to maintaining an eco-friendly garden. Not only will this eliminate hefty lawn expenses, you’ll have fresh vegetables to add to your cooking that you grew all on your own. It can be a more affordable option for keeping a beautiful landscape around your home.

Pay with cash instead of card
It’s no secret that swiping a credit or debit card feels a lot less real than paying with cash – that’s why we suggest you keep cash in your wallet. When you are forced to use cash in your transactions, it will make you more aware about what you spend your money on. Try only having $50’s or $100’s on you, that way you must decide what is truly worth breaking the bills to buy.

Check out gift card exchange sites
According to Forbes, there are a number of gift card exchange sites which are a great way to save. CardCash, GiftCardGranny, and CardHub are only a few of the many to check out. Sites like these allow people to sell gift cards they no longer want or can use. You can buy gift cards for various stores at a discount. Use the discounted cards to stock up on Christmas gifts for the holiday season, or get more than your money’s worth at your favorite stores.

Drop your TV service
Unless you’re a huge fan of ESPN, dropping your TV service can be a great way to cut back on costly bills each month. These days, it is easier and easier to access and watch your favorite shows and movies on the Internet through sites like HBO, Netflix, and Hulu – and they come at a much lower price. Pull out your TV bill and check online to see how much you would save if you scaled back to just internet service.

If you haven’t heard of Ebates yet, it might be worth a look – it’s a cashback shopping portal that will offer you coupons and cashback from over 2,000 retailers, making sure you’re getting the best deal on your purchases. When using Ebates, you don’t have to feel so guilty about your purchases. Shop your favorite brands from online retailers such as Groupon, Target, Nordstrom, and Sephora. Check out the Ebates app and download it to your smartphone for easy access wherever you are. If you are looking for even more ways to snag coupons on your online checkouts, check out the service Honey as well. It automatically searches for the best available coupon codes on the internet and then automatically applies them to your checkout basket at the end of your order.

Buy prescription drugs at Costco
Even if you do not own a membership at Costco, you can still purchase prescription drugs at their warehouses. With the federal law on your side, you are allowed to pick up your prescriptions without paying the $55 dollar fee, and it is made even easier if you order them online at Costco.com. They even will ship them to you – though you must pay shipping costs – making it so you don’t have to drive all the way to one of their warehouses. Along with prescription drugs, Costco also has lower pricing on immunizations.

Gym membership savings
Many insurance companies will offer fitness reimbursements or discounts if you are a member of a gym – working out doesn’t sound too bad now, does it? Many businesses see the benefits in fitness reimbursements, because when their employees exercise more often and change their diets, they see improvements in their work and morale. Though the amount you can see come back to you will vary depending on your provider, according to Lifehacker, Bluecross offers up to $150 in reimbursements.

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