The power of group buying

May 9, 2017

Have you ever tried a group buying site, maybe a promotion promising you can save 75%+ on restaurants, spas, gadgets, and more? If not, you are missing out!

Many initially dismissed group buying as a fad, but years later, it is still going strong. The concept is that a shop severely discounts their services for a set number of people – think "80% off a massage", "50% off segway tours", "30% off your bill at a new pizza place". Through these generous discounts, the shop gets new customers in the door, or word-of-mouth marketing for a new offering, and customers get to save big.

Even better is that the deals are tailored to shops in your town and area. So you can save money on things you do regularly (like dining out or going to the salon), in addition to checking out new products and services that you otherwise may not have considered without such a large discount (like theater tickets or a hot air balloon ride with friends).

There are so many ways to save, examples include homewares, beauty treatments, fashion, and even travel! A weekend getaway for the family at 50% off? Yes please!

Our favourite site is Groupon, which was founded in 2008. Their deals are unique and continually rotating, and their customer care is on hand to make sure you have a quality experience. When you join their email list, you’ll get a daily email with the latest deals, tailored to your city.

So why not sign up and give Groupon a try? To sweeten the deal, Groupon is offering an additional 25% off your first deal purchase (enter code WELCOME at checkout)! The time to start saving up to 80% on new experiences and everyday activities is now!

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