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I am pleased to offer you this love horoscope for December as few things are as important as matters of the heart.

After consulting the heavens, I have prepared advice to guide you. Whether you are looking for love or already in a relationship, your star chart contains much insight for the coming weeks.

December Love Horoscope Overview

On the first day of December Venus the planet of love goes into Sagittarius. This changes the romantic energy available and many signs will benefit from the casual and lighter approach to personal involvements. The Full Moon in Gemini on the third illuminates situations and now you can see the reality of your partnerships. On the same day little Mercury starts to go backwards in fiery Sagittarius which suggests there will be renegotiations of the terms of engagement for several signs. Mars goes home to Scorpio on the ninth and now the pace picks up and ardor is high. The Sagittarian New Moon brings a promise of good things to come.

Saturn enters Capricorn on the twentieth and this is really the big news this month. This shift reconnects you to a more authentic time and many signs will get back to the basics of their relationships. At the solstice on the twenty-first the Sun strides into earthy Capricorn to bring some stability to the festivities. As usual the traditional values will prevail over the holiday season. By December 23rd Mercury gets straightened out and last-minute shopping for loved ones will be easier. As Christmas Day dawns Venus moves in Capricorn to bring a more serious approach to love and you will want to be with someone who really matters.

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6 thoughts on “Love Horoscope

  1. Paul

    Hi need help please God help me I’m single I’m a Aries star sign hard working I’m lonely and eye don’t know what to do I’ve recently join a dating agency I’ve met a nice lady her name is Deborah but I’m not having much luck hi wish to god hi can find a companion ship I’m lonely and eye don’t know what & shy I’m 60 years old

    1. Zoya

      Paul, I am horribly sorry to hear of your distress, and I hope that the future aligns to bring you peace and happiness. Perhaps things will work out with Deborah given enough time…

  2. Angie

    Hi me and my male friend are air signs we get on and hang out, but there is a person who i think wants to be with him. I really know what he thinks or feels abouy me. Thank you.

  3. Doris

    Good Morning
    I’m a Leo in a very long marriage to a Libra- Scorpio cusp born man. He’s a controlling, narcissistic, sociopath. and I can’t get away. He’s stolen all of out combined funds and all poroperty is in his name. Our one daughter is an adult and has moved far away to another state. So the welfare of any children is not an issue. She shares my opinion of him. I need to get away, out of this marriage. But I’m afraid.,of having nothing and not being able to make it on my own thus driving me back to his grip, giving him even more power over me. He has systematically driven every family member and friend away from me over the years that I’ve been with him. I’m alone, without monetary resources.
    Do the stars show any hope for me and a future without him?

    1. Zoya

      Dear Doris, I am heartbroken to hear your story. These are big decisions that require careful thought. For Leos, this month is all about fun in love and spending your time with the people who uplift you. Perhaps this is your daughter. It sounds like you are at a difficult crossroads and I wish you strength and calm to navigate the days ahead.


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