New Moon in Libra – 19 October, 2017



Each New Moon contains a different type of energy. This week there is a Libra cardinal New Moon and it carries urges to initiate change and generate balance. Like a set of training wheels on your first bicycle the potential of this New Moon will best be used to bring stability to fresh or fledgling conditions.

The Moon’s passage through Libra conveys themes of grace, harmony and a reevaluation of your aesthetics. It can also stimulate a little dithering regarding whether you should start or not start something. On Thursday the New Moon in the sign of the scales draws the spotlight towards the zodiac signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn via the harmonic of four and this is where modifications can originate.

New Moon energy is like a plant seed. With the correct attention and focus it can reach full potential. If the possible potency of a kernel is left barren, dry and neglected the meaning may never develop and another lunar cycle activation can simply pass you by.

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Sign Spotlight

The New Moon occurs right in your sign. You can almost press the restart button and get your personal life, demeanor and presentation back on track. This is a good time to show your authentic self. Truth is a strong attractor and others instinctively know when you are being genuine with them. In the days before the New Moon you may wonder what has happened to take you so far off your personal path. This time you can use the potential to wake up every day and be yourself with no apology because this special moment has the nature of Libra.
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For Aries steadiness and harmony can be brought to all floundering close personal relationships. You can use emotional activities to attract the stabilizing force of this New Moon. Let the mood develop between you both and focus on your partner’s needs for a while. A little empathy will go a long way to bring a subtle change to your connections. You do not have to do anything in particular but rather appreciate their reactions to circumstances and concede that other people’s experience of life may be opposite to yours.
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You are intimately connected to the lunar cycles because the Moon is your ruling planet. This Libra New Moon creates the seed moment to harmonize relationships at home. You no longer need to live the way you do and now you can initiate change in your own circumstances at the New Moon. Conception of a better atmosphere is the issue here. Begin to develop ambience even in bleak rooms with color, music, light and positive people. Let this next cycle of four weeks be the catalyst for an evolution at home so you can reflect it back into your outside life.
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If you are a Capricorn you can harness the as yet unseen power of this New Moon to negotiate better terms in your career. Take what is already on the table and add some extra components that touch your bosses or investors through emotional channels. Now you can appeal to their sense of nostalgia to connect on a subtle plane. This is not about sucking up but more about you providing perceived value when you show your soft skills like responsiveness, consideration and understanding.
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