Sun Conjoins Jupiter – 26 October, 2017



This week the life-giving Sun will move through the early degrees of Scorpio and catch up to join the biggest planet Jupiter who is newly placed in the fixed sign of the scorpion.

This combination brings together the fiery solar attributes of ego, life and warmth with Jupiterian expansion, growth and opportunity. Deep-rooted extensive momentum will typically be expressed in creative, if somewhat private, ways. Optimism, self-confidence and self-assurance coupled with abundance and prosperity are themes for this week. You can expect to discover situations that seem like overnight successes actually have ten or twelve years of unseen background legwork and preparation already behind them.

Although these two planets meet in the zodiac for everyone, their dynamic energy will be more easily accessed by the three water element signs which are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The exact conjunction will happen on Thursday, October 26th but you will feel the effects around the day before and the day afterwards as well.

Sign Spotlight

Your creative juices will flow and this can be a bumper year for you if you are in the imaginative fields like a crafter, dancer, writer, musician, artist or if you are another type of maker. If you are a crab with inspired projects on the go you will find that success comes easily now and you can have many win-win situations. This week opportunities will open up for you to spread your wings. If you were born on the 24th, 25th or 26th of June this conjunction will specifically affect you. Opportunities are fleeting so if it feels right then go for it. As a Moon ruled Cancer person you can easily find yourself in the right place at the right time under this dynamic coupling of the Sun and Jupiter.

Great strides can be made in personal growth and development from this week onwards. You can reach your full potential with a little focus and luck. During this brief period you can draw toward you recognition and appreciation as you attract the co-operation of important people. You have the benefit of the growth planet Jupiter in your own sign and this is huge. Opportunities for personal evolution and expansion will arise for you. You will be appealing to others because of your optimism and positive outlook. It is likely that you feel invincible and this inner confidence is a great attractor. Others will be like a moth to your flame as incandescence permeates your life. If your birthday is on October 25th, 26th or 27th you will benefit from this largess for the next twelve months.

This is the twelve months to get your ideas back on track. You need to find your path and this is especially so if you have strayed too far from the inner dream you have for your future. Be aware of people you meet and situations you witness as they can offer you clues for your direction. Auspicious individuals can influence you in a big way at this time. This is the moment to look for the answers to deeper inspirational or spiritual questions. You can expect to recalibrate your wish for the worldly enticements just over your horizon. If you have any creative work that you want published or staged you will have the foresight to get it moving forward now. If you are born on the 20th, 21st or 22nd of February this conjunction will affect you on a deeper level than most.

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