Full Moon on 4 November, 2017



This week’s Full Moon is on Saturday, the fourth of November in the sign of Taurus the bull. It is a time to see clearly what has come into fruition in your life in the recent past. At this part of the lunar cycle the most amount of light is reflected from the surface of the Moon. This brightness symbolically draws your attention to some elements of your life. During this particular time the Moon’s energy is connected to the influential and magnetic planet Pluto in an easy way and with the growth and expansive planet Jupiter under some strain. These links make each cycle slightly different every month. Whichever area is the focus for you can be assessed and improved or you could decide to accept the situation as it is and leave things as they are. There is no pressing need to change your life at a Full Moon but if you want to bring in some subtle modifications, or alter your perception of what is before you, then this is the time to do so.

Sign Spotlight

When a Full Moon happens in your own sign the dilemma you face is to relate your ego and emotions and to try to make some meaning of it all. This time the urges between reaction, expansion and desire suggest that this particular Full Moon will draw you towards a deeper understanding of your situation. The power and growth will probably happen at extreme emotional moments. Laughing or crying may be the visible portals through which this month’s insights will come to you. You probably will experience the profound and tender energy of this Full Moon acutely if your birthday on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of May because then this lunar moment will touch you in your heart of hearts.

The urge to grow and strike out on a new path will be strong. The challenging energy in this Full Moon may go against your usual need for a regular routine. For Virgo the familiar feels safe but now you might at least consider the possibility of something different. There will be a glimmer of understanding to entice you to step forward. The powerful drives available for you to use can be employed in many ways and particularly if you want an outlet for your skills and craft. The concept of giving birth to projects will be a typical expression for this month’s lunar energy. If you are born on the 3rd, 4th or 5th of September this Full Moon will affect you with more intensity.

There will be an urge to do productive things at the November Full Moon as it contacts and stimulates the dynamic planet Pluto already in your sign. You naturally have powerful leadership skills and can learn from your experiences. This is the time to appreciate your intuition which could be helped along by establishing order in your life. Find time to listen to your inner voice through meditation or some other method of stilling the noise and demands of the day. The hours needed to institute a personal awareness routine may seem impossible to unearth at first but they can be found. A calm mind is an asset. If your birthday falls on one of the first three days of January you can really tap into this month’s lunar energy.

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