Grand Trine: Moon, Saturn, Uranus in Fire on 11 November, 2017



There is a special major aspect pattern that unfolds this week known as a grand trine. Three planets move into positions and form an equilateral triangle in the sky centered on Saturday. The planets involved are the Moon, Saturn and Uranus which are all in fire signs. This grand trine specifically affects the three signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in a good way. Next week Saturn will move on and this particular configuration will not happen again for many years. This energy will be available for most people to grasp but some signs will have a better chance of using it than others. Much like the elephant in the room, that has obvious potential but no one moves to touch it. A grand trine is notorious for obvious opportunities and all you have to do is lift your hand and grab what is passing by.

Sign Spotlight

You have been living with the quirky planet Uranus in the last part of your sign for seven years. This is one of the times when its influence can be felt and drawn out through the energy of Saturn and the Moon. You will be personally changed by this process and able to aspire towards a good life journey through the third planet Saturn edging ever closer to your pinnacle expression of self. Do not spend another minute sitting on the sidelines but rather stand up and embrace the good energy available to you now. This is the time to take what is rightfully yours and move forward in life with it. If your birthday is on the 19th, 20th or 21st of March this grand trine’s positive energy will affect you more acutely than other people.

The Moon as the faster moving planet passes through Leo to complete the triangle of equality and ease. This will bring elevated happiness and joy as you revel in the odd and unusual choices that you have made recently. The creative drive that you have been experiencing in the past couple of years will have a last chance to show you are on the right path this week. If you have sat around and watched the world pass you by this is your chance to reach out and seize what you can easily have. If you are born in August on the 17th, 18th or 19th this grand trine will be more meaningful for you.

Saturn at the end of Sagittarius once more gives its energy to this grand trine which is the last one to happen in the fire signs. Unusual recreational activities that release tension with your children may have been the result of this pattern. You will begin a journey of understanding and empathy surrounding the relationship you have with younger people and how they make you react. Your knowledge can be improved this week if you can connect with youth on an emotional level. This grand trine will be more personal if your birthday is on the 16th, 17th or 18th of December as you will experience this major aspect pattern more closely than others.

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