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Hi, my name is Katie – welcome to my site! My favorite thing is saving money and getting stuff for free. One day I realized…the internet is full of untrue claims on how to save money. We’ve all been there — you search for “coupons” or “freebies”, and get excited to find something from your favourite store or a top brand. But then it turns out that the deal is actually from a marketer looking to sell your information…or the coupon code has either expired, or doesn’t work on the actual site.

Because life is so busy, my site is designed to be your one and only stop to save money and get things for free. I search for the best deals and test them each day. This is to make sure that that you will only find real, high quality savings on my site. I’ve joined over 100 newsletters (yes my inbox is a mess!) and I sort through the various promotions that stores, restaurants, and brands send. I then highlight only the best, saving you the most valuable resource of all…time! I’m active on Twitter and Facebook too, so you can keep those portals for what they’re intended, friends, family, and other interests — not a constant barrage of brands showing you every possible deal they have each day — I only notify you when there’s something noteworthy!

If you sign up for my weekly newsletter, I will email you a summary of the best product samples, discounts, giveaways, and coupon codes each week. Sometimes I stumble upon a hot, time-sensitive deal, and I will send you these top savings as well.

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