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The Email Marketing Pros

Meet our Team

Michael Goff


With over 15 years in email marketing, Michael is a true industry veteran. There is only one way to learn how to inbox & monetize in the direct marketing space -- firsthand experience. He founded Loop7 in 2017 to offer his winning playbook & process-oriented approach directly to clients. When not thinking about inboxing, segmentation, and split testing, Michael's hobbies are cooking and collecting Fiestaware. He lives in Maryland with his husband Blaine, son Kenny, and old lady pug Sweet Pea.

Jacob Henner

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Jacob has worked at Loop7 since the start of 2020. He enjoys managing day to day operations and the occasional writing project.

The last time he remembers being truly happy was when the MBTA's Orange Line introduced their new train cars. Those cars have since derailed 6 times and are currently out of commission.


He hopes to one day meet Ted, the host of Chopped.

When not working, he is probably hanging with his golden retriever Scout in Cambridge, MA.

20210823_114053 (1).jpg

Alex Ford

Email Marketing Manager

Alex comes to Loop7 with years of marketing experience from a diverse background in the industry.


With a specialty in monetization and a flair for strategy and creativity, she looks forward to helping the team strengthen performance of our email lists.


In her free time, Alex loves traveling (favorite destination: Japan!), tasting new treats (have you ever had taiyaki?), and daydreaming about a world in which autumn is never-ending.

Christina Hrynyk

Director of Monetization

Christina comes to Loop7 Media with extensive experience in email marketing and monetization in the direct response industry. Her expertise lies in optimization, writing, and big ideas. She loves to analyze data and think outside of the box.


She brings creative ideas and a data driven approach to Loop7 clients.


For fun, Christina likes to go outdoors and travel. One of her favorite trips was a 4 day backpacking trip through Patagonia.


Alex Pierre

Email Marketing Specialist

Alex comes to Loop7 Media with 4+ years of email marketing experience and a project management background.


He has a knack for streamlining operations and processing data to make quick decisions. Whether engaging a new subscriber list or starting to monetize an established one, Alex has it under his belt.


In his free time, Alex enjoys watching sports (especially the Dolphins), going to the movies, or sipping his 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee for the day.

Marco Shimazaki

Email Marketing Specialist

Marco comes to Loop7 Media with multiple years of experience working in Email Marketing and eCommerce industry.

With a strong background in data analysis he loves to deep dive into analyzing trends and leveraging them for strong performance, while also always testing the new against the tried and true to keep things optimized.

During off hours if he isn’t cooking up a storm, he will be cycling or possibly hiking up a mountain.


Aрrіӏ Dеrеquіtо

Marketing Operations Manager

April came to Loop7 with a unique background in the medical field and an unending passion for achieving the extraordinary. Despite having no prior experience in marketing, she has quickly risen to the challenge and excelled in her role.


As the go-to person for impeccable digital administrative expertise like email scheduling and statistic reporting, she also excels at setting up workflow journeys, creating eye-catching websites and banners, and managing the PH Team.


But one thing that sets her apart is her unwavering passion for exploring the world. Her ultimate goal is to travel the globe while still being able to work remotely.


When not at work, she loves nothing more than curling up with a good book, catching the latest movies, or planning her next adventure. And as a lover of cats and dogs, she has a natural affinity for nurturing relationships with her furry friends and clients.

Geneva Aspra

Marketing Operations Senior Associate

Gen has been with Loop7 since late 2020. She manages the review of daily emails, workflow updates, and website creation and design.


In her free time, Gen enjoys discovering new cafes in town, vibing with nature, and bonding with her two golden retrievers – Sunny and Merry.


Hannah Piano

Marketing Operations Associate

Hannah first started working in Loop7 at the end of 2021. She came to the company a clean slate, absorbing and learning everything from the start. She takes pride in being a fast learner and a fast do-er (2 of the most basic answers to the "What are your qualities that would make you a good fit for our company?" question.)


Fun, hardworking, and talkative are what's on her Instagram bio. She probably learned more during her stay in the company than all her years in high school.


She has a huge crush on Chris Evans.


When not working, she is probably painting and grunting because it didn't look the way she wanted it to. She might also be asleep or playing with her animals.

Bеnsоn Dеrеquіtо

Marketing Operations Associate

Benson has a professional background in Information Technology. Early last year (May of 2022), he decided to switch gears and focus on the exciting field of Email Marketing!


With several years of experience in the IT industry, he developed a foundation in various technical aspects. Which he is now utilizing to contribute to loop7. He is also part of the daily operation of scheduling email campaigns and different task assignments.


He loves spending his free time bonding with his friends and loved ones! When doing me-time, he loves to play games and watch anime! =)


Cӏаrіsse Nаtо

Marketing Operations Associate

Clarisse comes to Loop7 with an exposure and experience working in the Supply Chain Ops and Customer service Industry processing orders and billings for the past 8 years. She joined Loop7 in Feb 2023 and is in charge of handling several email marketing tasks on a daily basis. Despite of being a newbie in the Marketing Industry, she can say that she's learning a lot of new things and enjoying the ambience of the new workspace at the same time.


On the days that she is off-work, she usually spends time with her loved ones. She also loves to read books and binge watch her favorite series. Clarisse is also fond of cats and in fact a furrmom to their 4 adorable cats.

Janette Engo

Marketing Operations Associate

Janette comes to Loop7 Media with an experience as a Customer Service Representative and as a Virtual Assistant. She is in charge of various email marketing tasks and the daily operations of the company.


Her favorite book is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle because this makes her realize the value of living in the present moment and being grateful for each waking day!


You'll catch her on the weekends laughing with her closest pals in a coffee shop and chasing sunsets in the afternoon (for the vibes and of course - for the 'gram.)

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