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Loop7 offers a variety of packages to support your email marketing program. Whether your email list is brand new, or you've been up and running for years, Loop7 can help you monetize and grow more effectively.

List Management

This option is great for those who have an established list and want to be more hands-off, while collecting steady revenue. Loop7 can take over mailing a few spots, or your entire schedule. Let us monetize your subscribers with our tested affiliate offers while you sit back and receive the payouts.


  • Level One

    • This is for someone with a list of at least 10k daily active subscribers that you mail daily (and 20%+ open rates)

    • Loop7 generates revenue by emailing the list the highest performing affiliate offers that we have tested

    • Loop7 handles scheduling for as many spots as agreed upon, and you don’t have to deal with choosing offers or chasing down payments.

  • Level Two

    • This is for someone with a more mature, and/or a branded internal list. The typical list in this category is above 50,000 subscribers (and 20%+ open rates). 

    • Loop7 typically takes over scheduling for the entire list and aggressively monetizes the list by sending affiliate offers

    • You still have the ability to email company content to your subscribers, test new products or landing pages, and run internal sales - just let us know what you need set up

    • Loop7 will monitor inboxing and continually see where improvements and changes can be made in segmentation

    • Loop7 procures the content to send out to the list (keeping subscribers engaged by providing value)*

List Duplication

If you already have an established list with a steady stream of revenue, this is a great option for you! Loop7 can take your email list and create a second stream of revenue by monetizing your subscribers even further.


The services involved mirror Level Two of List Management above, but with a few extra services surrounding the setup of the new duplicate list including:


  • Branding & design elements

  • Website setup**

  • List warm up & inboxing tweaks

  • Creation and set up of automated sequences

Subscriber share

This option can be beneficial to pretty much anyone - whether you have a big program in place or need a little help getting started. Loop7 will duplicate your subscribers on our own internal list that we actively monetize and share the revenue with you - a true set it & forget it profit stream.


Duplicating onto our list can be done standalone, or in addition to our other services. It’s a great way to dip your toes into partnering with Loop7!


We set up a live connection between your current list and a Loop7 list and actively work to engage these subscribers to get up & running as quickly as possible to maximize revenue.


Other benefits of this option include:


  • Receiving tested and proven offers and swipes to run to your existing list, outside of this duplication

  • Weekly support for your email marketing program from the Loop7 team

  • Monthly revenue checks from Loop7 from revenue generated on our Loop7 duplicate list (you won’t have to go chasing down payments)

*add-ons such as content will be charged to the client separately, or deducted from the revenue paid out to the client

**client is responsible for purchasing website domains, hosting, and all other associated fees 

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