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Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it! Hear what some of our clients are saying:

I have been in this game for years now, and maximizing the profit and life cycle of an email list has been one of the most challenging things to manage.   Every year it seems to get harder, less profitable, and easier to burn an entire list though no fault of your own.


Luckily Michael Goff and Loop7 are here to solve that problem.  When we handed the reigns of our internal product list over to Michael we saw almost instant increases in open rate, deliverability, length of the customer life cycle, and of course MORE MONEY!

So much so Loop7 now manages 5 lists for us and continues to innovate in ways to split test with hyper accuracy, as well as on his own with no initiative from me, his team has created some of our highest converting emails to our offers for our internal lists and our affiliate partners to have the most success with. 

There are very few people and companies who truly understand the email marketing game, and Loop7 is among the select few who will ever get to touch my list. 

I trust Loop7 with the most profitable piece of our business, and you should too.

- Cody Bramlett,  CEO - Waddle Bear Media / Science Natural Supplements

Loop7 has helped me build multiple successful, profitable, and high-integrity email programs. They make sure all the day-to-day operations run smoothly, as well as collaborate on any unique projects I throw at them.


Whenever I have questions or ideas, I know I can call over and get real answers and support. As someone who is always looking to build something new, Loop7 has been there ensuring the email side is optimized at every step of the way!


- Jonathan Bailor, NYTimes Bestselling author and CEO of SANESolution

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Working with Loop7 has been a great process since day 1! I was fortunate enough to be referred to them by a friend who already had great success with them so it was an easy choice after hearing all they great results they'd provided for him. I've been able to rely on them to efficiently and effectively manage my email lists and always do so in a way that is thinking ahead and of the long term strategies for my brands. Any issues we ever have are quickly resolved and all my custom requests are quickly catered to. I've already recommended them to others and will continue to do so.

- Daniel Lindsey, Owner

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At Meliorra Brands, we've had the pleasure of collaborating with Loop7 for our direct-to-consumer email list management and monetization needs. Their unparalleled expertise, dedication, and innovative solutions have significantly improved the monetization of our email list. We wholeheartedly recommend Loop7 to any business seeking to optimize and monetize their email strategies.

- Chris Guill, Meliorra Brands

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