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3 Email Tools To Maximize Revenue

Today I want to throw open the doors and share three of our trade secrets. These are tried and true methods that are making big impacts on our clients' revenue!


If you haven’t heard of GetOpeners before, you’re really missing out. GetOpeners has single handedly increased our clients revenue by staggering percentages. First you load a file of inactive subscribers into GetOpeners. Their system then pings your ESP in real-time when one of your subscribers is in their inbox, so that your reengagement message is perfectly timed. We’ve seen open rates increase exponentially and that means more cash in your pocket. Another upside is that re-engagement campaigns can be risky as you are mailing inactive people which can drag down inbox reputation, but we haven't seen that with GetOpeners, as the open rates are so high. Reactivation campaigns usually have 5-10% open rates, but with GetOpeners the open rate is 30%+. We’ve seen great success in using this tool and find it extremely valuable.

Maximizing Unique Segments

To ensure good deliverability and open rates, marketing should be sent to your most engaged subscribers. Typically these are subscribers who have opened in the last 30-90 days. That means you could have subscribers who aren’t opening and aren’t receiving offers…you’re leaving money on the table. We’ve found great success with creating unique segments that re-engages those people and gets them to buy. One of our biggest successful segments is made up of subscribers who are active on other lists. Another one of our successful segments are subscribers who have a high order value, these people tend to re-purchase again and again. Lastly, you can create a unique re-engagement campaign to try to get those subscribers to open and in return are added back into your regular engaged marketing segments. You should note, with these strategies comes a well thought out send schedule to make sure your deliverability doesn’t suffer. As mentioned above, using GetOpeners for these types of campaigns will help with running successful re-engagement campaigns.


If you’re not testing often, you’re missing out on optimization opportunities and finding new hits. Some worthwhile tests include testing new offers, testing new swipes, and subject lines. Testing new offers is going to make a big impact in increasing revenue. Being strategic with the offers you chose is important and knowing what does well to your list will help you choose the right offers. Testing against a well performing offer is the best way to lessen the impact if the new offer doesn’t perform well. If both offers do well, one strategy we use is to reverse the send and send those offers to the opposite split and you’ll often see repeat results. Testing swipes and subject lines are also important in bringing in more revenue and preventing offer fatigue. Typically we test new swipes and subject lines against well performers to get a clear test. Testing one variable at a time helps you get a clear A/B test and gives you accurate data to scale well performers and bring in big revenue gains.

I hope these ideas help! If you have any questions on how to implement these strategies or what may be the right strategy for your list, email us at, we’d love to brainstorm with you!


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