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Hey there!!

Thanks so much to the Loop7 team for graciously passing the mic to me this week.

I’m no list manager but I have been an affiliate manager for a few years now and have picked up a couple things along the way.

One of the biggest takeaways I’ve learned is to MAKE IT EASY. Affiliates are busy and constantly bombarded with offers. It is crucial to give them everything they need in one fell swoop. If they have to login to HasOffers to grab a link, you’re not getting on their calendar.

This starts from the onboarding process. I personally like to set up the affiliate’s account for them - again, if they have to do it the likelihood of them becoming a partner decreases by about 75% (don’t quote me on that figure). Then you can just shoot over their logins and they can agree to any terms and conditions upon logging in.

I think it’s important to not overwhelm affiliates either. If you are sending over 10 offers at once each with 10 corresponding swipes, it’s impossible to tell what they should be sending first. I think 2-3 offers max are what should be included in your original email. Keep an eye on how these perform for them and then you can suggest what they should test post send.

Be sure to include their tracking link (especially if there are several options for various landers in your affiliate portal) as well as BEST performing from name, subject line, and swipe. There’s no real reason to include any more than your control - you want to start with your best foot forward on the first send. If that does well, you can send over others that they can test after the first drop. You’ll want to have a reason to follow up with affiliates anyway to get more space on their calendar!

And now, in the spirit of keeping things simple, I’m going to end here 😉

Ali Shaw

Affiliate Manager | PhytAge Labs


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